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Payment Information:
Once you finalized the tour itinerary, you will receive the tour agreement/contract with all detail information, but your booking is not confirmed until the payment is received by Tibet Join Tour. To secure your booking, we require 30% of the total tour cost (land cost) and full airfare/train fare as deposit when you reserve the tour. A confirmation email with deposit invoice will be followed by your deposit receipt. Final payment or tour balance can be paid upon your arrival in Lhasa by cash or you can use traveler’s cheque at the Lhasa Bank of China to get cash, or you can withdraw cash from the ATMs which is easily find in Lhasa, but most of AMT machine limits RMB1,000 to RMB2,000 per day. Our staff meets you at the hotel and issues you the invoice for the balance payment.

Note: Several ATMs in Lhasa and Shigatse accept foreign cards. The Bank of China accepts Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, American Express and Plus. The Agricultural Bank accepts Visa, Plus and Electron. Check before trying your card as many ATMs can only be used by domestic account holders. The maximum amount you can withdraw per transaction is RMB2000 with the Bank of China and Y1000 with the Agricultural Bank.
Travelers cheque are safe to carry and can be exchanged the way you would exchange cash. However, the Bank of China for example, charges a 0.75% commission to cash traveler’s cheque. In some cases, exchange rates for travelers’ cheque are a little better than cash so you will off-set the fee. Cheque from the major companies such as Thomas Cook, Citibank, American Express and Bank of America are accepted. 

To bring you a convenient and secure remittance, we accept major three ways of payment as listed below;
Important Note:
l There always have some difference in payment due to the fluctuation of currency exchange rate, so we refer to the update exchange rate at the deposit receipt to us.
l All the bank or paypal service fee should be covered from your side, usually they charge 4% of service fee.

1.      Bank Transfer:
Bank transfer charges comparatively cheaper service fee than other ways of payment, it usually takes 3-5 working days to receive the payment on our account, so we suggest this for those who book the tour more than 20 days in advance.

Our Bank Account in English:
Bank Account: 6013 8231 0009 3975 258 (US dollars or RMB)

Address and Contact Information of Bank of China
TEL: (86) 028- 86653878
POST CODE: 610000

If you are in Mainland China, the bank may ask the bank information in Chinese. Below is our bank information in Chinese.

帐号:6013 8231 0009 3975 258

* After you made the money transfer, please send us a scan copy of the bank transfer receipt to confirm your reservation and then we will process your tickets booking and other tour arrangement accordingly.

2.      Paypal:
PayPal accepts all major credit cards and they process the payment for us within few minutes. Either you can transfer it on our paypal account or we can send you money request on your email account and you can pay it by filling all your credit card information. ( is a subsidiary website of Explore and we share the same Paypal account for easy and effective management)
When we receive the tour deposit, we will issue a deposit invoice for you and tour arrangement will make accordingly.

3.      Western Union:
Please visit Western Union to find a location near your resident. Once you provide the below recipient information, a customer service representative will help you to fill out the necessary form. It is supper fast and after approval; money arrives in few minutes.
Here is the information that you need about us:

Money Recipient: first name: SUOLANG and last name: JIANGBAI
Money pick-up city: Lhasa, Tibet. China
Recipient’s ID number: 542223198210060052
Telephone number: 86-15889090408

Once you finished sending money, please email us the money Transfer Control Number and sender’s information such as name, address and phone, etc. If possible, send us a photo or scan of actual Western Union money transfer form that you filled would be most helpful. We will send you a confirmation email with deposit invoice once we have received your payment.

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